Board of Directors


Charlotte Lancaster: CEO Founder of Building Strong Women

miss charlotte
Building Strong Women was established back in 2006, with a strong passion for helping all women from every walks of life. Ms. Lancaster decided to target women and children being that they are the backbone of our families.Today she has housed more then two dozen women and children on a road to recovery. She believes that “It takes a village to raise a child”.


Lauretta Jackson

laurette 2
As she continues to pursue her calling as a Ordained Minister Mrs. Jackson is no stranger to helping struggling families and her community.She is a published writer with her own line of children books. Her commitment to BSW has been a tremendous benefit to the women and the organization.


Pastor Robyn Parker

robynEntering BSW organization in 2007, Mrs. Parker has went beyond her duties as a secretary. Her strong desire to coach and support all women has shown in her hard work and dedication to this organization. She has continuously put others needs before her own while providing a professional and loving work atmosphere.



Elder Samuel Patton

sam2Elder Patton joined BSW in hope to be doing the work of his higher power by helping the women in his community. Since then his sound input and loyalty to the women has shown a great impact of leadership and commitment. Not only that, he has helped strengthen the organization with his words of wisdom and faith through prayer, understanding and love.



Pearl Skelton


Pearl Skelton have been a part of Building Strong Women since 2013. She attended Mott Community College and majored in Nursing. She has 25 years in Property Management attended at Mott Community College. She also has 10 years of experience in Retail Management, experience in Office Management, and Residential Assistant.















R.I.P to our two beautiful Angels…

Bridgette served as a member on the Board of Building Strong Women from 2007-2015. You will truly missed. R.I.P ♥♥♥

bridgette 2





Veraine Fann served as a member on the Board of Building Strong Women from 2013-2016. You are truly missed. R.I.P ♥♥♥



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