Charlotte Lancaster McCann was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. She was the 3rd child of seven siblings; she lost her mother when she was seventeen. Charlotte went through a lot in her teen years; which then in return decided to help women out who are in a situation like she has been in before. At the age of twenty she moved to Detroit, Michigan then moved to Orlando, Florida. She went to Florida Tech to start her career in the medical field. She moved back to Flint and worked at the Clarkston Health Care Agency. Charlotte then decided to give back to the community she calls home and start her own non-profit organization for women.

For its founder Charlotte Lancaster McCann, Building Strong Women, Inc. is a labor of love. The organization was established in 2006 with the primary purpose of assisting women who are recovering from substance abuse or homelessness. “My passion is to help women from all walks of life,” says Charlotte. “Homeless women are from all socioeconomic levels. I was homeless for many years and I started over in my life many times. I said to myself, if I get back on my feet, I will help other women do the same.” Since 2009 BSW has successfully helped more than 1,000 women and their children regain independence and dignity through their shelter and outreach programs. Some of the ladies have moved on to a prosperous life resulting from the hard work and dedication of the BSW staff, opening up the vacancy for another occupant to be helped. Ms. Lancaster decided to target women and children, being that women are the backbone of our society and the children are out future,

The goal of the organization is to help any women facing barriers become independent, stronger and wiser with encouragement. In addition to the Building Strong Women House, which takes in women seeking refuge, BSW offers community classes. These classes and group meetings cover topics such as parenting, anger management and dealing with a relative who is incarcerated, and are designed to motive positive change through education and encouragement. The work of BSW brings stability to the lives of women by empowering them to rise above adversity and fulfill their dreams. “This is a work of love,” says Charlotte, “and I want to help women reach their highest potential.”

Charlotte believes that “It takes a village to help the Flint community, “We tore it up! We need it fix it up”.

Building Strong Women happily accepts in-kind donations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the women in the Flint Michigan community with their recovery of substance addiction and homelessness. BSW currently has 5 transitional sober houses, which has reached its full capacity.Due to the mounting number of recovering substance abuse women, Domestic Violence, with their depending children rising epidemic of homelessness in the Genesee County and surrounding area; we at BSW has devoted our time in giving a helping hand to those who needs us.

Since 2009 BSW has successfully helped over 100 ladies and their dependent children. Of course some of the ladies have moved on to a prosperous life opening the vacancy for another occupant.

Our Success Stories

Cynthia BrayCynthia Bray:
Cynthia was a resident at BSW for 2 years. She also was a Resident Assistant (RA) as well. It was here duty to cook, clean the living room, dinning room, and her room. Making sure the house stayed in order as well as the girls and completed paperwork. Cynthia stay at the house was nice she enjoyed the atmosphere. She feels the organization is excellent; it’s challenging dealing with different personalities. Her relationship with MS. Charlotte is excellent, Cynthia has moved forward in life thanks to BSW.

Grace RollieGracie Roelle:
states the living is awesome, and she’s enjoying it as well. The women she is surrounded by are very good people. They are treated well, feed well and treated with respect.  Gracie feels the relationship between Ms. Charlotte and she can be better. But overall she treats her well. Thanks to this program she has succeed in life. Gracie and her parents now have a stronger bond between one another. She values the care and love Ms. Charlotte has given her.

576601_10201349533554007_1042934749_nCindy Martin:
Ms. Cindy Martin is a Pastor and also a good friend of Ms. Charlotte. Ms. Cindy donates and network with Building Strong Women. Cindy states Building Strong Women is a very strong and positive non- profit organization. Ms. Cindy enjoys helping Building Strong Women succeed to the next level. Building Strong Women appreciates all the help Ms. Cindy has done.


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