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Building Strong Woman is a nonprofit organization with a 501 (c) (3) supported documentation.

Who is BSW?

Our mission here at building strong women (BSW) Is to help empower women to succeed and regain their independence , build self- confidence and overcome the obstacles and barriers that lead them to homelessness. B.S.W Services women from all different walks of life ; our overall objective is to unite women to empower and support each other through times of trail and hardships. We provide a safe, sober and secure shelter adult foster care home (AFC) & transitional living environment for the healing process to begin.

Since 2009 BSW has successfully helped over 100 ladies and their dependent children. BSW have five transitional homes one being a AFC home, Of course some of the ladies have moved on to a prosperous life opening the vacancy for another occupant.

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Your contributions whether big or small will not go unnoticed. the impact of giving to those in need changes the life of the giver and receiver. These continuous generous donations will allow us to help build our communities and bridge families back together..

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